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Trust Lawyer in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Trust lawyer East Greenwich, RIWhen you are interested in creating a living trust, you should speak with a trust lawyer East Greenwich, RI from McCarthy Law, LLC. We have worked with many clients who are in different phases of the estate planning process. Perhaps you have never tried to create a will or a trust and are unsure of where to begin. Or, maybe you have created a will in the past and think it is time to create trust as well. Whatever stage you are in regarding the creation of your trust in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, know that our trust lawyer is here to help you. Want to schedule a consultation with our attorney? Give us a call now.

East Greenwich, RI Trust Lawyer
Below, we discuss how to know if you need a trust and if a will is still a valuable document to have.

Determining if You Need a Living Trust
When you are determining if you need a living trust, it is important to know what this kind of document can do for you. Creating a trust means that the trustee (often this is also the person who creates the trust) is in control of the property in the trust. When you want certain people to have your assets after your pass away, you can name these people as beneficiaries in your trust. So, how do you know you need trust? One of the biggest benefits of creating a living trust in East Greenwich, Rhode Island is that you will not force your loved ones to go through the probate process once you die. This can be a long and arduous process that causes your loved ones to lose valuable time. 

Should I also have a will?
Our trust lawyer East Greenwich, RI relies on believes that there is a huge benefit to having both a will and a trust. Not everything you own may make it into your trust. This is very common if you have acquired the property after you have already created a trust. Instead of letting a court worry about where this will go, creating a will can help ensure that you have a backup. 

How do I set up a trust?
When you want to set up a trust, one of the best things you can do is speak with an attorney. An attorney will go through your assets and property with you and help ensure everything you need is placed in your trust. It can be easy to forget something small or overlook something important.
Are you interested in learning more about creating trust in East Greenwich, RI? Contact McCarthy Law, LLC to speak with our trust lawyer now. 


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