Estate Planning Lawyer North Kingstown, RI 

Estate Planning Lawyer in North Kingstown, RI 

If you need help planning an estate in North Kingstown, RI you’ll be glad to know about McCarthy Law, LLC. They are a well respected estate planning firm. You’ll find all their contact information here. 

What, exactly, is estate planning?

Estate Planning Lawyer North Kingstown, RI 

Estate law is a special type of law designed to help you protect your wealth, even if it doesn’t seem like very much at the moment. It lets you conserve your assets and make sure, when you pass, that what you leave behind will be given or distributed exactly to the people and institutions you want to have them. That might include relatives, friends and organizations that do the kind of work you want to support. You can choose where your valuables go and how you can be sure your wishes will be honored.

But good estate planning can do much more. If, for example, you have young children, an estate plan is where you might appoint their guardians in the event of your premature death. Some people even make arrangements for a beloved pet. With an estate plan you can often reduce various taxes on what you leave behind.

Perhaps most importantly, when you leave an estate plan your family knows what you intended because it’s been spelled out in legal form. This often reduces family strife and arguments. In your estate plan you can actually plan and fund your funeral in advance if you are so inclined.

Laws governing estate plans vary from state to state which is why you want an estate attorney that lives in the same area as you do. 


Samantha McCarthy, Esq. founded the firm carrying her name, after she came to know and love Rhode Island. She developed a passion for both estate planning and elder law after watching her grandfather, who had multiple sclerosis. She began to work with the disabled and saw how often poor or no estate planning left families devastated. She founded her law firm determined to make a positive difference for her clients. That vision guides her every decision. McCarthy’s is also licensed in the state of Massachusetts. 

Free, confidential consultation

The firm of McCarthy Law offers every potential client a confidential consultation at absolutely no cost to you. This meeting is where you can get all your questions about your own estate needs or your concern for the needs of someone in your family. 

During the meeting you’ll be asked:

  •   To describe your understanding of your situation.
  •   What kinds of results you’re actually looking for
  •   You’ll also be asked about your own questions and will be given answers that will help you know what decisions you want and need to make
  •   The costs involved will be explained to you and a discussion of how you might meet these costs will be explored.

You’ll come away with a much better understanding of if, and how, an estate plan might benefit you and your family. You’ll also discover what sort of action you can take now and be much better prepared for the future. Contact McCarthy Law, LLC for Estate Planning in North Kingstown, RI. 

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