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Probate lawyer East Greenwich, RI

At McCarthy Law, LLC, our probate attorneys and legal team have worked on probate matters with families in Rhode Island for many years. We understand how important it is to identify the right approach. Enlist in the legal services of a probate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI  to set an estate plan in place that can help your family manage and navigate the challenges of probate more easily and efficiently.

Probate can be complicated, stress-inducing, and lengthy – but it doesn't have to be. While the Rhode Island probate process is often an annoyance, there is more to handling probate than outright trying to avoid it. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in such situations, so hiring an estate planning attorney with a clear understanding of the law and how it applies to your family and your specific circumstances is crucial.

Probate Lawyer East Greenwich, RI

Probate in Rhode Island begins after a loved one passes away. The probate process starts simply enough — it requires filing a petition with the local court. In the petition, a person (typically a relative of the deceased individual) files a petition to begin the probate process. They present a death certificate and the last will and testament (if it exists). 

The probate process oversees the review and distribution of the dead loved one’s estate and settles any existing disputes regarding their will. These actions ensure that the right will is given legitimacy. Conflicts can usually be avoided by creating an airtight and carefully crafted estate plan with an estate planning professional.

Once the courts start the probate process, the first step involves assigning a willing and able administrator to oversee the last will and testament's execution. Some people name their own executors in their will or estate plan. Others get assigned by the courts based on their competence and relationship to the deceased individual.

Often, the deceased person's spouse or eldest child is the choice for the executor. If no one assumes the task, a third party can be chosen and appointed by the probate court. This third party is typically someone with a fiduciary responsibility to the deceased individual and their beneficiaries. Or, it is often a probate attorney.

Once an executor is established, the probate process begins. The more complicated the estate is, the longer the probate process may take. This is where the services of an experienced probate attorney become essential. East Greenwich probate attorneys provide the ability to navigate even the most challenging estates. They help families deal with a painstaking and often overwhelming probate process, reducing their overall stress and worry.

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