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So, what is a Client Care Plan?

So, what is a Client Care Plan?Our Client Care Plans are a preventative maintenance program for your Estate and Life Care Plans. These resourceful solutions resolve the uncertainty regarding who is accountable for keeping your Estate and Life Care Plans up to date. The Client Care Plan establishes a continuous partnership between you and the McCarthy Law team, in which we share that responsibility. Through our partnership, we can ensure your plan remains current, so it serves your family as intended when needed. Effective plan maintenance relies on communication and collaboration, which is the cornerstone of the Client Care Plans. They provide a structure with precise expectations which removes uncertainty and streamlines the process of maintaining your Estate and Life Care plans for optimal effectiveness.

Client Care Plans

Landmark Care Plan – Legacy Care Plan – Life Care Plan

The Client Care Plan - Landmark Care Plan is for clients who want to keep it simple but remain knowledgeable. This service is accessible to all our Estate Planning clients. It is the sole option for our clients with Will based Estate Plans, and those who exclusively prepare ancillary documents with us.

The Client Care Plan - Legacy Care Plan provides all the benefits of the Landmark Care Plan and then some. Legacy clients have the opportunity to schedule an annual review with us to ensure their planning and funding stay up to date. Any necessary updates to contact information in their documents are included. Each client who establishes a Revocable Living Trust with McCarthy Law is automatically enrolled in the Legacy Care Plan for a period of one year starting from their signing appointment date.

The Client Care Plan - Life Care Plan offers everything that the Landmark and Legacy Care Plans provide and more! Life Care Plan clients are entitled to enhanced support in funding their Estate Plan and ongoing assistance in coordinating all their advisors through team meetings. They will have access to and support from our Elder Care Coordinator. Free in-home assessment by a licensed Occupational Therapist and access to other trusted referral partners. McCarthy Law also offers free updates that do not alter the dispositive structure of their plan.

Who can participate?

Who can participate?Our Client Care Plans are exclusively offered to clients who have or will utilize our law firm to craft and develop their Estate Plan and/or Life Care Plan. As we can only be accountable for work, we completed, participation is limited to clients for whom we prepared their Estate Plan.


We encourage all of our clients to enroll in a Client Care Plan as it represents the ideal way to protect their investment in their Estate and Life Care Plan and their family’s future. Included as a bonus in their initial plan design, this automatic 12-month enrollment extends to clients. Following the 12-month trial, they have the flexibility to renew their membership or adjust their membership level. Prior to the expiration of the trial period, and each year after, we will distribute enrollment forms. If you’re uncertain about which level suits you best, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you in making an informed decision.

Membership benefits are accessible solely while your enrollment remains active. On occasion, some individuals opt not to enroll initially but choose to join later when updates are deemed necessary. Presently, non-members have the option to join at a later stage, which many choose to do. However, prior to joining, a thorough review and potential update of your plan, including asset titling, may be required to ensure its currency. This additional work is not covered by your enrollment fee.

Become a Member Now!

Membership Pricing

Landmark Care Plan - $995 Annually

Legacy Care Plan - $1795 Annually

Life Care Plan - Contact us to explore your needs further.

McCarthy Law will continuously seek enhancements and additional benefits for our clients. It is our goal to ensure that your membership will always remain valuable. Considering all the benefits received, it’s an outstanding value. Moreover, it’s an exceptional value when compared to the alternative - having an outdated Estate Plan that fails to meet the needs of you and your family in critical moments.

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