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Legal protection may be necessary for some people even after they have entered adulthood, as a lawyer who specializes in guardianship can explain. These individuals may have been injured in accidents, are subject to long-term suffering from an incapacitating psychological or physical issue, or have a condition that prevents them from taking care of themselves. A guardianship may be established in circumstances such as these. A legal guardian is an appointed individual who is granted the right to take care of a person, such as a minor or disabled individual. Establishing a guardian demands several requirements and the process can be lengthy and complicated, so it is beneficial to have a lawyer who is familiar with it. 

At McCarthy Law, LLC, we work hard and put forth our best efforts to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones. When you are navigating the complexities of guardianship matters, you are well-advised to have an experienced guardianship attorney in East Greenwich, RI on your side. Our services can help you move forward knowing that your guardianship situation is secure and entirely legal. Our team gets to know you as an individual so we can advise you properly in such a difficult and emotional matter. Other firms do not take the time to truly understand the needs of their clients, but we will do what is necessary to achieve the results that you are looking for and deserve. Our seasoned guardianship lawyers can provide the clear-headed counsel that is so necessary for these situations. We will be there through every step of the way to equip you with the knowledge you need to get through your situation successfully. 

If you are interested in learning more about the guardianship process or need help with a particular issue, do not wait to talk to a lawyer now. Waiting too long to find out more about your legal options or receive the guidance that you need can only worsen your situation or make it more challenging to resolve. Discuss your case with a reputable lawyer so that they can do an assessment of your situation and go over what you need to know and do. For more information, schedule a call today with our firm so that you can get started. 

Guardians and Protected Persons

Also referred to as conservatorship, guardianship is a legal arrangement that places an individual, also known as a protected person or ward, under a guardian or custodian's supervision. Two main types of guardianship exist — the guardianship of a person and the guardianship of an estate or property.

A court usually appoints a family member, friend, or fiduciary as a guardian. A protected person is often an individual who has no parental guardian or adult to make safe and sound decisions about them. They may have been incapciated as a result of an accident or medical condition, or they could be a minor who has lost their parents. A person who may potentially engage in fraud or be vulnerable to undue external influence can be placed under guardianship for protection, as well.

The appointment of a guardian can materially limit the rights and privileges of the protected person in East Greenwich, RI. To safeguard the protected person's right to due process, they are usually provided with notice and are entitled to attend all legal proceedings related to guardianship. The protected individual is also entitled to representation from an attorney, to present evidence, and to confront and cross-examine all witnesses. If you have any questions about how a protected individual’s rights are specifically impacted by guardianship, a lawyer can provide further explanation. 

Guardianship of the Person

A guardianship of the person legal order grants authority over non-financial matters such as those that impact the protected person's well-being. That includes making critical medical decisions. 

How a Guardianship Attorney Can Help 

A guardianship lawyer who has the skills and years of experience that you are looking for can greatly increase your chances of getting an outcome that you are seeking and deserve. You are more likely to receive a better resolution if you hire a lawyer who is familiar with the topic. Guardianship is a sensitive matter and there are legal challenges which can arise, so you need a lawyer who understands how to address the situation most efficiently. 

Take a Legal Step Forward

Guardianship can be hard to understand, and every person’s situation is different and demands unique solutions. It is important to recognize that an arrangement that may work for one case may not be suitable for you. 

The best way to find out what's the best course of action for your unique situation in East Greenwich, RI is to contact a guardianship attorney. Finding the right legal representation for you is not always a simple or straightforward process. You need to find a guardianship lawyer who has worked with clients who have faced similar or the same circumstances as you. Establishing guardianship has several requirements, so you need to make sure that you go through the process without issue. It is important to hire a lawyer who cares about giving you the proper legal help and has demonstrated success. If you have any questions about how a lawyer can help you, do not wait to take action and call one now. Act early to obtain information about what kind of services that a guardianship lawyer can provide you. At McCarthy Law, LLC, we're prepared to work for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about getting legal assistance on a guardianship matter.


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