Pet Trust Attorney East Greenwich, RI

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Pet Trust Attorney East Greenwich, RIA pet trust attorney you can rely on from McCarthy Law, LLC understands that when you are working through your estate plan in East Greenwich, RI you want to know that everyone, including your pet, will be taken care of after you pass away. When you create a pet trust, you are creating the necessary legal arrangements to make sure that your beloved animal friends will be taken care of financially. We understand that it can be difficult to face precisely why you are creating an estate plan. However, when you know that your best friend will be taken care of even after you are gone, you can feel significantly less stressed. Want to learn more about creating a pet trust? Give our office a call. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Pet Trust Attorney East Greenwich, RI

You probably want to know how this will work. Do you simply state how much of your finances you want to go toward taking care of your pet and leave it that simple? You can make this part of your estate planning as simple as you would like it. That said, your pet trust attorney knows that you can also add in more information including:

  • What to do if your pet needs emergency medical care
  • How often they should go in for routine veterinary care
  • Whether you would like your pet to be groomed on a regular basis
  • Who you would like to be in charge of taking care of your pet
  • How much money you would like to set aside for their daily needs, including where they will live, how much to spend on toys, how much to spend on food, etc. 

Our attorneys know that when you create a pet trust in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, you can also create it so that they have their end of life care laid out. This is where you can specify whether you want them to get medical treatment for certain ailments and whether you would like them to be buried or cremated. Although this can sometimes be difficult to think of, our attorneys for pet trusts know that this can also give you peace of mind regarding how your beloved pet is taken care of if you pass away. 

Are you interested in learning more about what a pet trust attorney East Greenwich, RI does? Contact our reliable pet trust attorneys from McCarthy Law, LLC now. 

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