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Nursing Home Lawyer in East Greenwich, Rhode Island


Nursing Home Lawyer East Greenwich, RIOur nursing home lawyer East Greenwich, RI knows that when you are dealing with an issue at your loved one’s nursing home, you may not be sure of what steps to take. Are you even sure if abuse or neglect has occurred? You may not want to cause a problem when there is not actually a problem; however, our team of lawyers knows that you are likely your loved one’s best advocate and if you suspect that neglect or abuse has occurred with your loved one in their nursing home, it is best to reach out to a lawyer and present the facts. We can work through this case with you, determine if the nursing home is in the wrong, and take further action. We believe your loved one should be free to live in a nursing home where they are cared for without the risk of harm. Call McCarthy Law, LLC now. 

Nursing Home Lawyer in East Greenwich, RI
Our nursing home lawyer East Greenwich, RI trusts know that when people think of abuse, often they think of very clear signs of abuse like bruises or cuts. If your loved one does not have these signs of abuse, it does not mean that something wrong did not happen. Below, our nursing home lawyer lists other types of abuse and neglect that your loved one may have experienced. 

  • Dehydration or malnutrition. Neglect can come in the forms of dehydration or malnutrition. The nursing home is obligated to provide your loved one with the basic standard of care, including things like food and water.
  • Errors with medication. One of the reasons your loved one is in the nursing home might be because they need medical help you cannot give them. If the nurses at the nursing home do not give your loved one the right medication, enough medication, or too much medication, this is a form of abuse and could result in your loved one losing their life.
  • Bedsores. You may think that if your loved one is unable to walk on their own then bedsores will follow. However, the staff at the nursing home are supposed to take certain measures to make sure this doesn’t happen, including getting your loved one out of their bed or rolling them to a different side. 

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