Knowing When To Write and Revise Your Will

Elder Law Lawyer in Warwick, RI

Elder Law Lawyer in Warwick, RI

Most people understand that having a will is an important aspect of estate planning. Nevertheless, it’s a task that many put off. They’re unsure when to do it, and thinking about one’s own death is highly unappealing. The fact remains that securing a will is important in many respects. Contact our elder law lawyer in Warwick, RI for your estate planning needs. Here are some reasons for immediately contacting an estate planning attorney to craft official documentation.

Coming of Age

In most states, you are legally able to create a will the moment you turn 18. Although Americans tend to be getting married later in life, many still get hitched at that tender age. Protecting your spouse is always a chief concern, no matter when you were born. Make sure your better half has financial security in the event of your passing. Other matrimonial events, such as getting divorced or remarried, demand writing (or subsequently revising) a will. Do not hesitate to take action after these milestones.

Growing a Family

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest experiences. The love a parent feels for their child is unending. As mothers and fathers, we want to make sure our offspring enjoy the greatest benefit from our toils. Children can be planned or total surprises, naturally birthed or adopted, but it does not matter when it comes to estate planning. Solidify a will to make sure your heirs are well taken care of.

Establishing a Business

Creating a company is an enormous challenge. Many ventures stay in business for less than a year before shutting down permanently. If you create a venture that stands the test of time, you own a valuable commodity that’s worth protecting. Perhaps you envision your sons and daughters taking over once you’re gone. Alternatively, you might wish to put control in the hands of a coworker or apprentice. You can specify these directives in a will so that your legacy remains secure.

Accumulation of Assets

If you’re lucky, you’ve amassed significant wealth. You sold your business, or a relative left you a large windfall. Maybe you bought a new house or possess tangible treasures, such as jewelry, that you want to be distributed to particular individuals after your passing. A will can make sure that everything you own is treated according to your vision.

Wills are as important as any other legal documents. To make sure your intentions are respected, have one written by our established elder law lawyer in Warwick, RI. Contact us at  McCarthy Law, LLC the moment you’ve determined what you’d like to happen once you’re gone.

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