Five Indicators That It’s Time to Write Your Will

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Wills Lawyer

From the time you turn 18 and are legally an adult, it’s never too early to write a will. After all, if you care about your family and your estate, it’s best to be prepared. Our wills lawyer in East Greenwich, RI  is ready to hold your hand as you prepare your will. Failing to sign a legal will before your death could leave you intestate, leaving your home state’s laws to determine who among your family members inherits what. Here are five indications that it’s time to write or rewrite your will. 

1. You’ve Acquired Assets

What is considered an asset can be different for everyone. Perhaps you’ve started making a great deal of money, or perhaps you’ve simply bought your first car. Maybe you’ve bought a house or started a business. Whatever the case, if you care enough about what happens to your assets, large or small, then the time has come to draft your will. 

2. You’re Recently Married or Divorced

One of the most common reasons for rewriting a will would probably be a marriage or divorce. In the first case, you want your will to provide for your spouse in the case of your death. If you’re recently divorced, there’s a strong chance you don’t want any portion of your estate to pass on to an ex. 

3. Childbirth

If anything happens to you while your children are young, it’s paramount to make sure that they will be provided for to your satisfaction. Your will should also state who will be the children’s legal guardian in the event of your death. 

4. Your Children Are Grown

Your wishes for your children will undoubtedly change as they grow older. They will no longer need a guardian and will be taking different paths in life. You’ll want to alter your will accordingly. 

5. Times Have Changed

Many professionals recommend reviewing your will every five or so years so that you can keep it up to date. Laws can change over the years, and it may be necessary to rewrite your will so that it will still be legally valid. Perhaps a family member has developed a disease or needs special care. If you are the primary caregiver, you want to see to it that they are cared for after your death.

Life can be unpredictable, and sudden death can happen. It’s imperative to have a will to see to it that everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction after you’re gone. Contact our Wills Lawyer in East Greenwich, RI at McCarthy Law, LLC today to advise you on how to get started writing your will. 

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