What to Expect in a Business Litigation Consultation 

What to Expect in a Business Litigation Consultation 

The initial consultation with a business litigation lawyer is an opportunity for you and the lawyer to discuss your legal situation. Whether you have made a decision or not about obtaining legal services, the consultation allows you to find out if you have a valid case and discuss your options in-depth. Matters of business litigation should not be ignored, and if you have one that is particularly difficult to resolve, a lawyer can examine your situation and give you helpful advice. This is what you can expect during your consultation with a business litigation lawyer.


When you first consult with a lawyer, you and the lawyer will introduce yourself to each other. They will explain their legal background, qualifications, the types of cases that they have handled, as well as the results they have been able to achieve. This is your opportunity to explain your situation and what you hope to gain from hiring legal assistance. The lawyer will answer all of your questions and go over concerns and important topics.

Facts of Your Case

The lawyer will review your situation and learn more about what issues you are struggling with, such as a partnership dispute, employee disagreement, or other matter. They need to determine if you have enough information and evidence to move forward. If you do not have a valid case, they will not be able to help you. A trustworthy and qualified lawyer will be upfront with you and tell you whether they are capable of providing your assistance.

Legal Options 

Once the lawyer has a greater understanding of the context of your situation, they will go over the possible legal options that you can choose from. Based on the information that you have provided them and the timeline that they have to work with, a business litigation lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law will determine what they will be able to accomplish for you. This includes whether you have a strong chance of getting a good case outcome. Once you decide to hire them, they will go into further detail about potential legal strategies and next steps. 

If you have a business matter or threat of litigation that you need legal advice on, schedule a consultation with a business litigation lawyer that you can trust, such as one from Eric Siegel Law. 

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