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Trust-Lawyer-Warwick-RI-elderly-couple-in.-meeting-with-lawyer.jpegIf you have either not yet created an estate plan or you are ready to take “next steps” toward meeting your financial and estate planning goals, it’s time to connect with a knowledgeable trust lawyer Warwick, RI residents trust to advance their interests. The experienced legal team at McCarthy Law, LLC can help you draft any trusts that meet your financial planning needs and can work with you to craft a comprehensive estate plan.

Our firm has extensive experience assisting both individuals and families in meeting their financial and estate planning goals. Whether you’re hoping to minimize your tax liability, pass along assets to your heirs while avoiding probate, or providing for your children’s education, drafting a trust with our assistance can help you take productive steps along your financial and estate planning journey.

What Are the Benefits of Creating Trusts?

As the reputable Warwick trust law team at McCarthy Law, LLC can explain in much greater detail during your consultation, there are many benefits that can be gained by drafting a trust. It is important to understand that there are many different kinds of trusts that serve different purposes. Therefore, our team can advise you in regards to which kind of trust (or kinds of trusts) can help you to meet your financial and estate planning goals.

For example, a living trust functions much like a will does, except that it generally allows the beneficiaries of the trust to avoid probate. A special needs trust or education trust can help you to provide for dependents and grandchildren in specific ways. Most trusts allow you to dictate explicit terms for the use of the trust, while others will allow you to pass along assets to loved ones or charities in less rigid fashion. Some trusts cannot be revoked once they are put into place but many trusts can be altered in certain ways when the situation warrants. Once we learn about your unique financial and estate planning goals, we can recommend the trusts that will meet those needs.

What Else Does a Basic Estate Plan Consist of?

In addition to a will or living trust, basic estate planning documentation consists of an advance healthcare directive, power of attorney designations, a guardianship designation for any minor or otherwise dependent children, digital estate plan instructions, and beneficiary designation notes for any accounts that will be triggered by your death but are not directly governed by your estate plan. Until you have these basic documents in place, the foundation of your overall estate plan will remain incomplete.

If you have not yet scheduled a no-risk, confidential consultation with our trusted Warwick trust attorney at McCarthy Law, LLC, please do so now. No one knows how much time they’ll be given before their estate planning documents will become urgent business for their loved ones; allow us to help you prepare for that moment in time. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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