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Residential Real Estate lawyer East Greenwich, RIWhy should you work with a residential real estate attorney? This is a question many people have come to us asking because they think if they have a real estate agent they will be all set when it comes to buying or selling a house. However, having an attorney by your side in East Greenwich, RI can be helpful when you are working with real estate property. Because you will be entering into a legal agreement with another party, it is important to understand the contracts you will be signing and make sure that you are getting a fair deal. Real estate law can be incredibly complex, so you want to be sure that your rights are fully protected. While having a real estate agent is helpful, a lawyer will look out for your best interests so that you are accepting fair terms. Are you interested in working with our residential real estate lawyer East Greenwich, RI has to offer? Call McCarthy Law, LLC now to schedule your initial meeting.

Purchasing or selling your property is an exciting experience, one that often takes months or years to prepare for. Once you have finally reached the final stages of a purchase or sale, it can bring you a big sense of relief. However, going through the last steps of the process can be a challenge. Going through the stress of carefully reviewing contracts and other important documents is the next difficult step. To make sure that you are accepting a fair offer, it would be beneficial to have a real estate lawyer review every matter related to your transaction. 

When you work with a real estate lawyer for residential properties, you will want to know what they can do for you. They are capable of doing a variety of tasks for you so that your home buying experience can go smoothly. Some things that this type of lawyer can do are:

  • Help make sure issues that come up prior to closing (asbestos, property damage, repairs that weren’t made) get fixed
  • Negotiate on your behalf for a better price
  • Review contracts and purchase agreements
  • Review documents to make sure you are getting a fair agreement

By working with a lawyer who has specialized knowledge in real estate, you can have the peace of mind to finalize your purchase or sale with confidence. When you hire a lawyer to take care of your needs and interests, you can avoid any last minute issues. You don’t want to find out about steps that you should have taken or problems with your home once you’ve already signed a contract. They possess the legal experience to swiftly and competently address any of your real estate concerns. For more information about what a residential real estate lawyer can do for you, schedule a consultation with one today. 

Why are residential real estate lawyers necessary?

If you have purchased or sold a property before you know it can be stressful. The process of finding the right home that is affordable and meets your needs as an individual or family can be overwhelming. You have to check that the house is structurally sound and that the price point is reasonable and fair. Through negotiations to challenging legal issues, an exciting experience for you can quickly become a nightmare. With a lawyer committed to acting in your best interest, you can be assured that you will be taken care of and that you are moving forward with a fair transaction. We want to make sure you are not stuck dealing with problems that could have been resolved if you had just had an attorney from East Greenwich, Rhode Island by your side.

What if I am having problems with zoning/property lines?

This is not an uncommon problem that comes up between neighbors and if someone builds on your property or if someone is accusing you of building on their property, you will want to make sure you have a residential real estate attorney who is familiar with the area, the laws, and can pull up zoning information. Lawyers are skilled at handling and resolving such disputes. Any issues involving zoning and property lines are best handled by a professional and not on your own, since they deal with sophisticated and overlapping areas of law. We do this so you don’t have to.

This is likely one of the biggest decisions that you will be making. Buying residential real estate is a huge step and we will be there to navigate this process with you. There are a lot of factors to consider and making big decisions regarding your property can be tricky. With a seasoned lawyer however, all your concerns can be addressed. Are you interested in seeing how one of our attorneys in East Greenwich, Rhode Island can help you? Call McCarthy Law, LLC to speak with our residential real estate lawyer now.

3 Myths About Real Estate Attorneys

Whether it is your first time buying a house, or you’re ready to find your forever home, diving into the real estate market can feel like a whole new world. With all the decisions ahead, it is wise to build a team of experts who are on your side and can help navigate all the ups and downs of purchasing a home. Most potential buyers understand the what and why of a real estate agent, but do you know why you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer? Here are three common myths about real estate lawyers like those at McCarthy Law, LLC.

Real Estate Lawyers Only Handle Contracts

Real estate attorneys, like those here at McCarthy Law, LLC, are well versed in all types of legal issues that may arise when house hunting. They can handle contracts and much more. Some additional legal matters you may need assistance with include property boundaries or home inspection issues. A residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI, can even negotiate on your behalf. These negotiations could be anything from your actual offer on the house to contingencies on the sale.

You Only Need a Real Estate Lawyer for Commercial Properties

A lawyer is not just for real estate moguls or those investing in commercial property. Everyday homebuyers can benefit from a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI. For many people, a house is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime. A lot of time, money, and energy is at stake in the purchase of a home, and a real estate lawyer can help protect your investment throughout the process. Residential real estate attorneys are experienced in the legal pitfalls surrounding home buying and can be a great resource to answer any of your questions.

A Real Estate Lawyer and a Real Estate Agent are Interchangeable

You may believe when buying a home, a real estate agent will be able to handle every facet of your transaction. While realtors are well equipped for many aspects of home purchases, there are duties a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI, can take care of to give you extra peace of mind. For example, a real estate lawyer can review your contracts to be sure you are getting a fair deal. A real estate agent will usually be the one drafting the contract, so getting a second set of eyes to look it over before you sign can help you purchase a home with confidence.

Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are buying or selling property, it’s important to have an experienced residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI on your side. Real estate transactions can get complicated, so working with a lawyer can give you a peace of mind. You probably have multiple questions about what you can expect from a real estate lawyer and their approach to handling your situation. Before meeting with a lawyer, you should write down a list of questions to ask them so that they can give you information specific to your case. It also helps you determine whether you are working with a lawyer that is credible and has the right experience. Here are several questions you should ask a lawyer.

  • How Long Have You Been Practicing Real Estate Law? One of the first things you should find out is how long a lawyer has been practicing real estate law. Generally, the more experience a lawyer has, the better job he or she can ultimately do for you. More experienced attorneys are likely to have dealt with tougher cases with varying levels of complexity. If you have a complicated real estate transaction, it is especially important to work with a lawyer who has been in the field for 10 or more years.
  • How Many Cases Similar to Mine Have You Dealt With? Not all real estate transactions are the same. In fact, they can be extremely different from one another. That is why you should find out if a real estate lawyer has handled cases similar to yours. If a lawyer is familiar with your type of transaction, he or she will be aware of potential issues that may arise and how to mitigate them. They will know what strategies to use for your particular transaction right away.
  • How Much of Your Practice Is Dedicated to Real Estate Law? In addition to finding out how many years of experience a lawyer has, you should ask what percentage of the practice is focused on real estate law. If the firm takes all kinds of legal cases, you may want to find a firm that’s more focused on real estate law.
  • What Problems Could Occur During a Transaction? While it would be ideal if all real estate transactions went through without any issues, it does not always work that way. That is why it is important to ask a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI about what possible issues you might face during a transaction. You should also find out how a lawyer handles each issue that may come up.
  • What Are Your Fees? Real estate lawyers do not all charge the same fees. During your initial consultation, you should find out how much an attorney charges before hiring him or her. You should also ask if he or she charges a fixed or hourly fee and whether or not the fees are negotiable.

Purchasing a home is a major life decision, and a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, can help you find the best path forward. Many people understand how challenging the home-buying process can be, but they still underestimate how many hoops they have to jump through in order to secure a property for themselves.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your dream home, residential real estate is a major investment. Before you even think of making a purchase, you have to visit any potential homes, look them over, and cover all of your bases in case there’s any trouble: You may think primarily of shoddy construction, poor maintenance, and old or dangerous appliances, but there’s always the possibility of real estate fraud, too.

Fortunately, a residential real estate attorney in East Greenwich, RI can help you avoid the pitfalls of home buying and can also help you navigate the complicated legal red tape that comes with every investment. Without the right preparation, your property has the potential to become a major loss – but with the right lawyer on your side, you can be sure that your purchase is sound and you’re making the right decision.

Is real estate ever a bad investment?

Real estate is valuable, but when it comes to a house, you want more than just an investment: You want a place that you can call home. While it may seem worthwhile to invest in a home because you believe the housing market is only going up, you still need to make sure that the house you choose will be worth the effort.

Property values aside, you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth it to move into a small house that needs extensive remodeling or updating, or whether you can handle that recently-renovated treasure that just so happens to be in a rough neighborhood. Like any other kind of investment, some houses are worth the trouble, and some are just bottomless pits of expenses and maintenance. And unfortunately, some are downright scams.

Real estate fraud isn’t talked about often. You don’t see it on the news or in movies, and you don’t see many clickbait type articles online warning you about it, either. But unfortunately, it’s a very real possibility. Real estate fraud can happen at any time during your home buying process, and there are a number of forms the fraud can take. Sometimes documents are forged, and sometimes a property isn’t exactly as reported when you took a look at it. Whatever the specifics, real estate fraud can tank your credit, and even cause your property to be swiped out from under you: All the more reason to contact a qualified residential real estate attorney.

Why Real Estate Lawyers Are Essential

Many times people believe that working with a real estate agent is truly all they need to sell or purchase new property. While a real estate agent can be extremely helpful through selling or purchasing, you actually don’t need them to complete any real estate transaction. However, having a residential real estate attorney in East Greenwich, RI is absolutely essential. The services of real estate attorneys are critical to making sure that any real estate deal is completed without error. 

Fair Contracts

Real estate deals largely with contracts. Contracts to sell and contracts to purchase are often the first steps in the process of any real estate sale.  McCarthy Law, LLC has extensive experience in contracts, which is beneficial to you if you are buying or selling a home. It is important that you have a fair contract with any buyer or seller. You need someone on your behalf to read through the fine print and make sure your rights and needs are fully covered.

Many times through the sale process you might also need to have the contract amended. That’s another reason why having a trusted residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI is so very important. You want to have peace of mind knowing that any changes are handled quickly and professionally so that your real estate transaction proceeds as planned.

Clear Titles

Every home or piece of land has a history that is documented. Each property needs to have a thorough title search done to make sure that the property is free and clear for the next sale. Title searches also ensure that there are no discrepancies about who owns the home or if they are qualified to sell it. It also makes sure there are no liens against the property that may be owed to a government entity or other organization. Not knowing about an outstanding lien could put you at risk after you purchase a property, so hire a residential real estate attorney in East Greenwich, RI to put your mind at ease.

Seamless Closings

While much of the real estate transaction process can be physically and mentally taxing, getting to and completing the closing is often the height of the stress. With so many documents to prepare and sign, McCarthy Law, LLC can reduce that burden by acting as your real estate attorney. Your lawyer can assist if any last-minute surprises come up and work on your behalf to make sure you are protected as the buyer or seller.

Reach out to McCarthy Law, LLC today

At McCarthy Law, LLC, we understand that purchasing a home takes a lot of work. Every home purchase is a monumental occasion in your life, and every time you settle on a major investment like a house, you’re taking a risk. Even if the housing market is strong, there’s still the off chance that you could be signing off on a problem-prone property that’s more trouble than it’s worth – or worse, you could be a victim of real estate fraud without even knowing it.

It pays to be prepared, and it pays to protect yourself from real estate fraud and poor investments. Reach out to McCarthy Law, LLC today, and see how a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI, can help you plan your future.

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