Medicaid Lawyer North Kingstown, RI

Medicaid Lawyer North Kingstown, RI - man in wheelchair hospital room smilingIf you or a loved one require legal assistance regarding a Medicaid issue, contact a North Kingstown, RI Medicaid lawyer you can trust at McCarthy Law, LLC today. 

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a healthcare program that is funded and run by the government and the state. This program provides medical assistance to those who have disabilities or are considered low-income. Not everyone may be eligible to qualify for Medicaid. The Medicaid program is federally run with specific guidelines, even though it is administered state by state. 

What is a Medicaid lawyer?

A Medicaid lawyer is an attorney who has training, education, and experience within the Medicaid program. 

The Medicaid system may seem overwhelming for those seeking qualifications. Thankfully, a North Kingstown Medicaid lawyer is willing and able to help those pursuing Medicaid assistance. 

What are some ways in which Medicaid lawyers can help their clients?

  1. Medicaid attorneys can help their clients throughout their application process. There are certain requirements and criteria necessary for Medicaid applicants to qualify for the program. A skilled attorney can assist their client as they finish all the documentation, and forms needed to complete their application.
  2. Those with higher income may believe they are unqualified for receiving Medicaid based upon their assets, and income. However, an experienced Medicaid lawyer can help them with their financial planning. It may be possible for clients to become eligible for Medicaid while securing their assets with the aid of some thoughtful financial strategy. 
  3. If a client’s Medicaid application has been denied, a Medicaid lawyer may be able to help their client by filing an appeal. If an existing Medicaid recipient is experiencing issues with the program and their benefits, an attorney can provide legal counsel and representation as well as administrative help. 
  4. If a client is experiencing Medicaid abuse or fraudulent activity, their Medicaid lawyer can help them navigate through the legal process of reporting, and recovering losses. An attorney can help support their client as they advocate for justice during an abusive or fraudulent Medicaid experience. 
  5. In the event of death, Medicaid lawyers such as those at McCarthy Law, LLC can assist the deceased client’s loved ones during this difficult time. The state may try to intervene and recover the costs of Medicaid benefits by going after the estate. 
  6. Setting up a special needs trust may be of great benefit to those with disabilities. A Medicaid attorney can not only set up their client’s trust but manage it well. A trust can protect an individual’s assets, and help qualify them for government assistance such as the Medicaid program and other programs that benefit the disabled. 

The world of Medicaid and other government assistance programs can seem overwhelming and daunting to those in desperate need of help. Thankfully, some experienced attorneys are well-versed in Medicaid qualifications and benefits that can walk through the application process, and beyond. If you or a loved one are interested in pursuing Medicaid or are experiencing a problem with your Medicaid program benefits contact a North Kingstown Medicaid lawyer at McCarthy Law, LLC for a risk-free consultation today. 

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