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Living Will lawyer East Greenwich, RIA living will lawyer East Greenwich, RI from McCarthy Law, LLC knows that when a person falls ill, they do not always have the opportunity to tell people what they would like for their medical treatment. This could be because a person is suffering from a brain injury after a horrible accident or a person may have a disease like dementia that causes them to be unable to effectively communicate their wishes. Whatever the case, you may decide that creating a living will (also known as a health care directive) in East Greenwich, RI is the best route to go. This means that you can create a legally binding document that will state precisely what you want to happen regarding medical care and end-of-life preferences. Want to speak with one of our attorneys? Give our office a call. 

Living Will Lawyer East Greenwich, RI
Is this kind of planning even necessary? No one wants to think about what might happen to them before they die or what could happen to them if they are incapacitated. However, creating a living will with the help of our living will lawyer East Greenwich, RI relies on can mean the difference in your voice being heard or not at a time when you can’t speak for yourself.

What does it mean to have Advance Directives?
When you have Advance Directives, this means that you have documents that were created while you were alive (and in your right mind) that state what you would like to happen in the event that you are no longer able to speak on your own behalf. You can name someone you trust to make these decisions for you in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. As a living will lawyer knows, a living will is just one part of the Advance Directives. Other parts can include: 

  • Health Care Proxy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Power of Finance 

What specifically can a living will do?
One of the things that set a living will aside from other documents is that it can give someone the authority to take you off of life support if a doctor has determined that there is no expectation you would live a reasonable life after being in an accident or experiencing a trauma. This can help your family during a difficult time because it takes that burden off of them when it comes to making such an impossible decision. 

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