Life Care Planning Lawyer East Greenwich, RI

Life care planning is a process that consists of the social, legal, psychological, and healthcare needs of a special needs person or elder. This plan is created to meet their needs while protecting the income and assets of that person to the greatest extent possible. Some elements of a life care plan may entail an assessment of their care, how to provide for these needs, and how this will be supported financially. If you or a relative have questions about life care planning, please contact our East Greenwich, RI life care planning lawyer as soon as you can to begin. Our team at McCarthy Law, LLC is ready to hear from you. 

Life Care Planning

A life care plan is a single package that aims to protect the income and assets of a disabled individual or elder. Our team takes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to creating these plans, so that people have security now and into the future. We can answer any questions you have about your loved one’s care for the long-term. Ultimately, life care plans are an essential tool for protecting elders, disabled relatives, and their families. Through a life care plan, the person receives the right care faster, an approach for maximizing independence for as long as possible, and the ability to age with dignity. Similar to a traditional estate plan, a life care plan involves legal protection to safeguard assets while honoring the wishes of the loved one. Those who can benefit from a life care plan are those of elderly age or of special needs. If you would like to learn more about how to devise such a plan, please contact our law office at your next convenience. 

Peace Of Mind 

One of the main appeals to establishing a life care plan is so that the individual and family members can have peace of mind about current life and the future. Whether your cherished person is a parent, spouse, or other relative, dealing with an aging or disabled loved one can cause immense stress and worry. You can trust our experienced life care planning attorney to provide you with reliable insight and guidance as you create a plan that meets your loved one’s needs. All in all, a life care plan gives people peace of mind and reassurance that their relative is getting what they need while protecting their sense of freedom for as long as they can. 

McCarthy Law, LLC

Everyone deserves to have a plan that meets their needs. This is especially true for those who have a disability or are reaching senior age and need additional care. As an individual or family member of someone who can benefit from a life care plan, we encourage you to speak with us at McCarthy Law, LLC. Once we learn more about the needs of your loved one, we can offer further assistance. Contact our RI life care planning attorney today to begin. 

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