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Choosing the Right Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer When you need a real estate litigation lawyer, it can be hard to know where to start. If you own property, you know that real estate disputes can be complicated and stressful. Choosing the right real estate litigation lawyer is essential to ensure your case is handled effectively and efficiently. Perez […]
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As Executor Of An Estate, What Do I Do?

An Executor of an estate is legally responsible for the maintenance and distribution of finances, assets, and other property of someone who has passed away. You would be responsible for sorting out debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining funds to appointed heirs. Although state laws vary on who can be designated as an Executor, […]
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What Happens When You Die Without An Estate Plan?

If you pass away without an estate plan — a Will, Trust, or other legal structure — an administrator will be appointed by the court to distribute your estate. An estate can consist of real property, which is defined as a parcel of land and everything that is permanently attached to the land, as well […]
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