What Is Guardianship, And When Is It Used?

When Guardianship is implemented, the Court has deemed an individual unable to care for themselves or make their own decisions. Therefore, another person is appointed to make decisions on their behalf. These individuals are called “protected persons” in the eyes of the law.  Guardianship for children is considered if a child’s parents cannot care for …

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4 Possible Responses To Divorce Papers

If you or a loved one are contemplating a divorce, reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer whom clients entrust their representation during the divorce process. There are many ways in which divorce lawyers can assist their clients. The following are four possible responses divorce lawyers wish their clients to know. When served with divorce …

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Digital Estate Planning Considerations

Wills Lawyer If you have either never made a will or your current will doesn’t include digital estate planning provisions, it’s important to promptly address this estate planning need. Over the past several years, it is becoming increasingly apparent that navigating a deceased person’s estate administration duties without digital estate planning guidance can be a …

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