8 Questions: Choosing Estate Planning Lawyers

Finding the right North Kingstown, RI estate planning lawyer for you and your family is the key to a smooth and successful process. As you search for the right fit, knowing what questions to ask can prove that you are serious and knowledgeable about a firm while also ensuring that you find an attorney to meet your needs.

When looking for the right estate planning attorney, we recommend using the below questions to lead your search:

How long have you been practicing?

An experienced attorney can make this confusing time much easier to process. The answer to this question could be the difference between a frustrating and a simple experience.

Is estate planning your primary focus?

With a focus on estate planning, your attorney will be specialized and qualified to assist you throughout the process with little to no disruptions.

Do you execute the plan yourself?

Some lawyers draw up the plan and documents and hand them to another attorney to implement. Having someone other than your attorney execute the plan can be more financially efficient.

How do you charge for estate planning?

Many attorneys decide to charge a flat fee for their estate-planning services. Sometimes there is a flat fee for basic Trust-related work and a charge for additional work.

How long does it take to complete an estate plan?

While creating an estate plan, taking your time is essential to ensure all aspects are covered and all potential issues are addressed. Give yourself time to ensure you can complete the project right the first time. 

What is your estate tax experience?

Having an attorney that understands this portion of the business and keeps up to date on changes in the industry will be crucial to a successful experience.

Does your firm name itself as a Trustee or Executor?

The answer to this question should be “no,” as a “yes” could mean that the firm is untrustworthy and presents a possible conflict of interest. 

Is there an additional contact in case you are out of reach? 

Suppose there is an emergency and your attorney is unavailable. In that case, having a contact such as a paralegal or assistant is a good idea to discuss anything that cannot wait. 

Choosing the right estate planning attorney is vital to the overall process and can simplify the entire process while relieving unnecessary stress. 

To be sure that you are in good hands, reach out to McCarthy Law today to get started!

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