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Small Business Planning Attorney

Do you have business goals? Do you want your small business to grow larger in the coming years? Do you want to increase your sales and expand your customer base? Even if you think you do, do you know how your small business will achieve these goals? It's okay if you don't. Doing some small business planning can help put you in a better position to succeed.

Small business planning is a process for determining and aligning a business's vision with its short and long-term goals and objectives, including developing a strategic plan. Through research, discussion, and goal-setting, the strategic small business planning process helps you and your staff understand your small business venture's current status and where it's headed in the future.

Small Business Planning Attorney East Greenwich, RI

At McCarthy Law, LLC, we assist small business owners with the process of organizing and planning their business structures. We understand that your business plans and structures will direct the path of your small business venture far into the future.

We guide small business owners through a customized understanding of the options available to them. We aim to explain and provide a detailed account of the long-term implications of each choice made. When you engage a small business planning attorney in East Greenwich, RI, it can help you create a comprehensive plan for the future.

There are as many ways to do small business planning as there are small business lawyers that engage in the process. However, the goals of many small businesses are pretty similar, albeit still unique. Small business proprietors have similar primary objectives such as:

  • Driving sales 
  • Building brand awareness
  • Retaining and re-engaging customers

A small business planning process can help owners and executives identify goals like the ones above (and more) and help them plan actionable steps to achieve them.

Benefits of Small Business Planning

With a properly made small business plan, everyone involved can understand its direction and its goals and objectives. They also become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the small business venture. Both opportunities and threats posed in a specific industry or brand are highlighted as well. Other benefits of a small business plan include:

  • Connects the dots to help you get a better picture of the whole
  • Establishes strategic focus
  • Sets priorities
  • Plans for and manages change
  • Develops an accountability plan
  • Manages cash flow
  • Provides strategic alignment
  • Sets milestones to work towards
  • Establishes metrics and performance indicators
  • Provides regular realistic reminders to stay on track

Having a business plan gives you the tools to be proactive. You don't wait for things to occur — you plan them and execute them as you work towards a predetermined objective. It must also be flexible for correcting course when things don't go as planned.

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McCarthy Law, LLC is in East Greenwich, RI, and we serve clients throughout the area. We are pleased to get to know you and become one of the key business professionals to have on your small business team. Our small business planning lawyers may help save your business money and time. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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